Meet the Bloggers

Hi folks have started a new blog with interviews of fascinating fellow bloggers!

So please visit my cosy cafe for a comfy chat as we get to know a bit more about each other?  Order your preferred cuppa, pull up a comfy chair and settle down for an interesting read about a large variety of blogs from around cyber space.

Here is just a ‘taste’!

Planet Simon – a multi-talented geek who writes sc-fi, posts about space, cartoons plus!

Megha’s World – a truly gifted poet who finds amazing art work and is well published

Weejars – vivid stories and poems with some travel and humour – Sarah

Muddling through my Middle Age – appealing family/ pet stories relevant to us all – Ann

Courage Coach – well travelled nurse sharing her take on life – Jennifer

Matters of the Heart – alternative healing, life and photography – Di

Parallax – exploring the WA outback, family and theology –  Paul

Michnavs – poetry and travel with a broad family appeal – Mich

Out and About – outstanding photos with meaningful messages – Aussie Miriam

Jane Basil Blog – gifted poetry, raw emotion, creativity at its best – Brit Jane

Truly Unplugged – word plays on song titles with a mix of humour and nostalgia – Truly

Le Marche Magic – exotic photos and stories of scenic Italy, travels, antiques – Issa

Wakaahua – photography of nature and architecture, fiction and more – Indian Rekha

Snippets of a Traveling Mind – travel stories with interesting visits – usfman

Pacific Trooper – stories, letters, photos, cartoons that personalise war – GP Cox

Garfield Hugs – life, humour, cartoons – a ‘taste’ of Singapore

Postcards from Kerry – travel, cats, photos and life with warmth can care – Chatty Kerry

All About Healthy Choices – interesting articles with research to improve our health – Dr J

Kool Kosher Kitchen – delicious recipes with historical notes to amuse – Dolly

Words in the Light – my favourite French poet with an introduction to more – FGM

Your loss if you don’t drop by …




  1. Hello Kate,
    I cannot seem to access the link for Meet the bloggers. I thought I’d find it on your site somewhere but so far, no luck.
    I hope you are able to direct me to it easily if another link won’t open….

    Di 🙂

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      1. it seems to be a long term project , and something you need to build over a period of time, but as long as you keep the quality of your interviews high as they are at the moment i feel it will be a success for you.

        Liked by 4 people

              1. It must of been fantastic to meet her, I was just reading the interview again on your site, and I just realised that I have already re blogged this post , so the interview must of been a few months ago.

                Liked by 2 people

          1. Well so glad I mentioned it and thx for the nice reply -and I usually read blogs thru the reader and in that way I would not have even noticed – but with the news changes at WP
            I have been landing on more home pages for some reason – and actually glad because it is nice to see them again-

            Liked by 1 person

            1. yes you are right about that, WP is topsy turvy at the moment I often get sent to home pages instead of coming up on the reader .. what is that about?
              And thanks again for your tips 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Not sure why the changes but I think they are always about advancing the tech options and helping connections / who knows!
                And wishing you a nice rest of your weekend

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