Names are just a label
but sometimes they can be painful.
To others we can be cruel
children use nasty nicknames at school.

‘Freckles’ hurt deeply as a child
but hearing others, mine was mild!
Did name-calling make you wild?

Dyslexia means I often confuse names
if you look or behave like ‘Pete’
then ‘Paul’ is forgotten as I in my mouth I put both feet

Why are we so fragile about the right name?
We grasp to our label, our title or fame
Adds to our strong sense of self “me, I, mine”

How do you respond to the wrong name
get all fired up and ready to blame?
Or just let it go and get on with the game?

Try checking these strong reactions to tame
your emotions, its only ourselves we maim!
Getting worked up leaves us all feeling shame.

Are we our name, profession or fame?
They are merely parts of many roles we play
And we know they can change from day to day.
Let go of go with the sway!

11.5.2006 – another oldie matches the daily prompt!

Daily Prompt:  Label



  1. Wonderful poem! We are not name, profession or fame. We are all human beings with the same birth rights! As Sathya Sai Baba says: “There is only one caste…/ the caste of humanity.
    There is only one religion…/ the religion of love.
    There is only one language…/ the language of the heart.”

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  2. This is the first time I’ve read any of your work. I have to say, as I started reading your poem I could feel the rhythm to your words and felt like I was in a slam poetry session. Really wonderful.

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    • Just visited your website Kathy … that is a high compliment coming from such a talented person, thank you.

      I have friends that do slam poetry but haven’t dared to try it myself altho I love a poetry challenge such as being given a theme and 20 minutes to write it, etc.

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  3. I try not to attach myself to the labels i know about for exmole dyslexic and depressed. But its that labels i dont know bout that frighten me. Whsn you know something is wrong and no one believes you.

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        • I hear and believe you but as I have absolutely NO idea who you are [FH?] or what country you are in let alone where you live I can’t be of any help!
          You need to find someone you trust to talk to. And if there is nobody you trust then please make an appointment with a psychiatrist for a diagnosis and treatment?

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          • Thank you for your advice. I live inthe uk and have done a self referal to a good plce that does assessments but it exoensive so i have to find a way ah well it will be ok

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              • I liked what you wrote… We do have a national health service which is free. I am not asking you for anything. but the wait list is very long and you need to have a doctor who believes you to refer you, mine do not. They just say its the depression taking another form…With my hypersenses they say everyone has those… hey ho

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              • Hi, no worries I wasnt asking. I take my pills every day and am good about that because I dont want to go back to where I was 😦

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              • No I wasn’t questioning that you were taking your meds … I was wondering if they might be causing your issues? Some meds work well on some people and not on others. So your anti-depressants could be the issue rather than you. Have you been on these ones for a while?

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              • yes for a long long while but not as long as I known I was different and that there was something wrong. have always known that I was different, all my life just never knew what was wrong no one ever believed me before soi got good at mimicking the behaviour i needed to try and survive life

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              • Yes, it is very exhausting to keep up the appearance of being ‘normal’ when you feel something is very wrong …. you are on the right path. A new psychiatrist can give a fresh diagnosis without being influenced by those who’ve been treating you for years. Good luck with it all.

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