I’d been blogging for well over a year chugging along at a very relaxed pace. Was posting about three articles weekly with my readers and followers growing gradually but very slowly.

More recently I started doing the ‘weekly photo challenge’ each week and joining in on some of the ‘daily prompts’ then my readers and followers started lifting off at a much faster pace which in turn has encouraged me to now post most days. Doubt that my writing style has changed so much, please look at my earlier posts to judge for yourself?

Had added some personal info in earlier posts but they attracted few readers and even less comments so left some but deleted most. A week or so ago I added more personal content with comments and readership reflecting much more interest.

So doubt that my content has really changed or that there is a vast improvement in my skills I honestly credit the increased traffic with having joined the WP community on daily prompts and weekly photo challenges! The search engines frequency has also increased dramatically, is that good or bad?

Whatever it is I openly admit that I do enjoy the more frequent feedback and interactions, so please keep visiting? And make sure you join in the WP community activities and let me know if you have a corresponding increase in traffic?

So thanks to WP and all of you who have supported and encouraged me, I feel blessed!

Has anyone else found a similar relationship? Doubt it just my persistent effort …

PS Just realised this is my 200th post, so it’s fitting that it’s a community gratitude post!