Our Patterns

We all have entrenched patterns of behaviour:

How we interact with others;
How we react to criticism;
How we cope with stress;
Ingrained habits, healthy or otherwise.

They are generally learnt from our parents,
teachers or those around us.
But real growth allows far more choices;
We can continue as is or listen to wiser voices?

Patterns of behaviour can be changed
Not always easy but persistence will win!
Not checking the damage we cause is our sin
For it can motivate and empower our growth

Increasing our skills and kindness.
Others get turned off if we react with blindness.
When we integrate much healthier patterns
Life will flow more smoothly, like silky satins!

Daily Prompt:  Pattern with photo of nature’s dramatic patterns



  1. Very well stated! I love line 11: “Not checking the damage we cause is our sin” This line reflects a meaningful insight. I agree. I think we often sin against our selves, against our minds, our bodies, our spirit. I think now I’m going to this poem in mind. So well done. Thank you, Ginger, for posting.

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    • Thanks Paul! I try to be more mindful of the impact of my words and actions, or lack there of but we always have room for improvement. Not checking seems to equate with not caring …

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  2. I agree! I don’t think we are really mature adults until we learn to abandon some of the responses we learned from our parents that no longer work for us (if they ever did), and begin to live more according to our own true nature. If we don’t, in a sense we are still children, no matter what we look like on the outside.

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