Would you go to bed
with one who mucked with your head?
Who spent all your wealth?
Who stuffed up your health?

Would you let them stay
when they must always have their way?
If they turned your friends away?
Without even thinking they could led you astray?

Would you invite them in
knowing they could lead to life in the bin?
How would you feel
if you fell in love with steel?

A needle up your arm
Forever fearing harm
Child neglected
Liver infected

Steal from your own mother
Alienated from your brother
The white seductress can do this
and give poly-drugs the big miss!

Why escape from life
it can only bring strife
Face stark reality

Get out in a rush
for once you know too much
they will overdose you as such!

13.7.05 Dedicated to those with destructive desires!

Daily Prompt:  Desire