Quick or Slow?

Every breathe, each moment
our length of life depletes

from the moment we are born
we approach death

our attitudes and behaviours
impact on the pace

if wise and healthy
we can enjoy a good life

if harmful to ourselves or others
we hasten the pace and feel the burden

we all have the choice
to meander or quicken

are your attitudes prolonging life
or are you rushing headlong into whatever comes next?

Daily Prompt:  Quicken



    • Being a young parent must be tough! You might feel like you missed something but those parents that want to hold on usually means that both lose out. And you are certainly relishing every moment now!

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          • she was real easy kid, maybe thats why i rushed… single mom 2 jobs.. but we had our moment between 19-25 … where she was very angry … and needed to feel her oats and find her own. Especially since i left the country, but with me there it would prolong her growth. At first i thought “shoot what did I do leaving her like that” but now we are closer than ever. She tells me thanks, cause my strength was too strong, that she could not feel hers. But now she does. sorry this was long.

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              • we look alike, but have very different outlooks and views on things. She is able to show me another view on life that I would not been able to see, without her having her own strength .
                your children grow and become adults, like you but different. It’s a beautiful thing.

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