Jiggle Joy!

As a well-endowed woman I attracted unwanted attention
Most people spoke to my chest, my face went unnoticed!
A grope, a squeeze or brushing against me
It felt like there was no respect!

They jiggled and sagged and created much tension
For years I contemplated a reduction
But not really something I’d do
Then one day I found ‘the lump’

A check confirmed what I already knew
Surgery the very next week!
Nothing to jiggle or sag or attract attention
No more bras or mammograms, a solution was granted!

Although a rebuild would be cost free
Why would I go there?
Its other peoples issue if they want to stare
I’m alive and very healthy with nothing to jiggle!

Daily Prompt:  Jiggle:  PS they weighed 2kg each!
NB This surgery was years ago and the cancer is GONE!



    • Yes, guess we never know until we are confronted. As i’d found the lump and knew what it was I’d had plenty of time to process it. Just very surprised that I could get the surgery so quickly!


              • Not really, she was 65. Though the closer I get, I think 60 something is still relatively young to die. The adoption gives me more confusion than grief. Lots of blanks/unknowns. Well that and shame, disconnectedness and little sense of belonging. Hmmm, sounds like grief so I stand corrected 😀. I have not met my biological parents. The laws in Texas are stacked against me. What is rightfully mine is denied in sealed records. Petitioning the court is expensive and search agencies prey on weakness. Plus I’m not quite in the right frame of mind to meet them. If they’re even still alive.

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              • We had a big change of law here in oz and now have Post Adoption Agencies set up to help people search and connect. They offer professional support all the way and are necessary as the whole thing is a mine field. That sense of rejection is a biggy but am sure google could help, or would you like me to find some reading material?

                I was told the good die young so no idea why I’m still here ….

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              • Why are any of us here? That’s the question. I appreciate your offer. Ive got tons of literature – 40 plus years worth. What I need is for my records to be unsealed. Dang red state. Now Ohio and some progressive states, they’re doing things right!

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              • I sincerely believe that people need to know! That new movie ‘Lion’ is a real tear jerker but a true story that highlights some of the issues that plaque adoption. Good luck with your process.

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  1. So glad you whipped cancer’s butt! 🙂 I’m so glad you are alive and healthy!
    Cancer is a part of my family history…many with it…some survivors, some did not survive.
    So I expected it to be in my life at some time.
    It appeared 2 years ago. I had surgery (a hysterectomy), etc., about 17 months ago. So far, so good. Had a recent scare with a mammogram, though…but, just found out a couple days ago, that all is okay.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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