Life a Blur?

Most of us just drift through life
So focused on our daily strife
That we seldom take stock
Of the bigger picture, what we really want

Swept along in the blur of busyness
Do you dare heed your dreams?
Or so complaisant in societal obligations
Too rigid conforming without pause!

Think a moment, what is your purpose?
Is this busy blur doing you any kindness?
What could benefit you more?
Can you accomplish that without being too poor?

Assess your values and goals
Make the changes before you suffocate
Buried by your own burdens
Please don’t die wondering …
if you could have made that change?

Daily Prompt:  Blur



  1. This is a statement of truth. I wish every person from 15 to 99 could read it every day. I really mean that. You’ve hit on the great horror of modern life. We zoom from place to place seeing nothing, not even what is right in front of us.

    Excellent poem.

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  2. Its having the courage to do what you want, maybe never having that courage from the start or being frightened to move forward. Words are easy to write, our thoughts are there what we want but to actually take action physically is something not so easy.

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  3. Kate if I could sort my problem I would but I can’t – I can’t give away nearly a Million, I have given my health to this, this is what is owed to my Sons, I cannot let one selfish lazy dirty bitch have it.


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