The Next Big Adventure

Had just settled into my favourite armchair with my pumpkin soup and toast in my PJs. Turned on a murder mystery when the doorbell rang.

What a nuisance! Who would call at this time of night? Not happy I put my supper tray down, can reheat the soup but I am not a fan of cold toast.

Before I get to the door a young girl stands just inside. I had watched her ‘melt’ through the door. Haven’t seen that before but she was a sweet young thing, a bit like Shirley Temple when she first started acting. Round cherub face, head of thick curly hair and a sweet smile. A bit startling but in no way threatening, this should prove interesting.

“Come on let’s go?” she demands.

“Go where? Where are you talking about?”

“Come on its time.”

“Please sit with me while I finish my supper and watch this show?”

‘Sorry but we have to go now”

“Go where?” 

“You know this is it. There is no negotiation, you’ve known for a while so you really should have been prepared”

“Known what? What are you on about?”

“The matter is not up for debate, you know what I mean.”

“I’ve absolutely no idea at all so please enlighten me?”

“Time has come for your next big adventure. This one is finished, over, completed, full stop. It’s time to move on.”

“You can’t mean that! I haven’t cleared out the shed or told the kids how much I love them. The boss expects me at work tomorrow so don’t be silly I can’t go anywhere just now. I’m not ready to go anywhere.”

“Well you should have thought of that before. Did you think you could live forever?”

“Not really but I should have time to finish things, please?”

“You’ve already had a warning but you chose to ignore it.”

“You mean that chest pain?” 

….”It’s not open for debate we are leaving now [poof].”

and a poem with a similar theme plus some more helpful clues!



        1. Sorry for your loss! I think the long and painful ones might be hardest for all concerned. Where the sudden ones more so for those left behind who didn’t get to say goodbye … Have you still got your father?

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          1. No, I lost my dad 18 years ago. And mum, well her journey the last year of her life was a very sad one but we all walked it with her. Writing/blogging helped me through. Thanks for your kind words.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Yes writing/blogging is a very healthy outlet. I worked in hospice care for years so I know this suffering well … got a huge list of how i DON’T want to go but nobody can give me any guarantees! My dad died 24 years ago but still got Mum.

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