Mental attitude impacts on every single thing
Joy or sadness, we chose which to bring!
Dictates how we handle tricky situations and
Can land us in a quagmire of complications.

Each day upon rising set your attitude / outlook
Fresh and crispy, or do you overcook?
Are your mind and heart in sinc?
Feel emotionally balanced, or does life stink?

Too easy to blame others
Or rearrange our external surrounds
Unhealthy attitudes bring misfortune by stealth.
Mind training more precious than worldly wealth!

Also determines our state of health.
To benefit all be positive and warm,
Anger and jealousy ignite a toxic storm.
Remember it’s our very own choice!

So give praise and joy a real voice.
If troubles assail you,
Past actions review.
Check your attitude and start anew!

Fear and expectations only bring trouble,
We blow things up into a big bubble.
Avoid overreacting, don’t be aggressive,
Learn skilful ways to be more impressive!

We are responsible for our behaviour,
Right attitude can be a saviour!
Let go of fears and concrete ideas
Relax for we are all inner seers!

ccc 16.12.2006



    • Those ideas that we hold to be black and white, fixed or unchangeable. Most things tend to be various shades of grey and we need to have an open mind to accept others point of view. Not necessarily to agree with it but respect their choice to differ.

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