A Taste on About

Hi folks hope your Christmas went as well as planned and that your New Year celebrations are all you could wish!  Guess we are all enjoying this ‘between’ time to catch up.

Now is about the time we start to see ‘Top Ten’ posts, some are re-blogging which may be more effective but I’ve approached it differently.  Am now ‘pinning’ an old post up front and that will change every few weeks. Have added a list with links to my ‘About’ page, this idea essentially arose from my own frustration negotiating others archives when I try to see anything other than their most recent posts.  And I hope to change these links every month or so … so just in case you have the time and inclination to browse then that’s the best place to start.

So enjoy your holidays, use them wisely and look forward to more exciting posts in 2017!



    1. ha ha didn’t go that far as its on my tab but guess that doesn’t help those reading this in their reader! Will do it immediately, thanks Simon … can feel your tension with the festive season. I avoid it because I don’t care for the commercialism and angst it causes.

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