The ‘System’!

Okay folks I’ve only just read this article and watched the trailer … it’s a real tear jerker because it depicts too many people’s battle against the system, a system supposedly put in place to ‘support’ them?!  Does make me very proud of my name … [for those who wont click on it, it’s a review about “I, Daniel Blake”]

Would love to hear your comments?



    • Have found most people just don’t want to hear or know about a system meant to empower people in their time of need totally undermines them! We can give to the poor overseas but refuse to see those on our own doorstep …

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  1. Though the review may be of the standards as maintained by the reviewer, it is worth watching the piece for better appreciation…unfortunately in our society these type of movies are termed as art movies…and they fetch lots of accolades and appreciations…but less viewership! It is ironically true… Hats off to your sensibilities…

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