Musical Moment

The Samba Blisstas playing at the Channon Markets, NSW

Look at their animation, energy and joy … it was the end of a long day at the markets and I had been keen to go but my friend insisted we stay to hear them.

Now I know why, the beat, the rhythm the energy was just electrifying!

Share a special musical moment that impressed you?



  1. On my forays out into the wilds I come across, find, see, and on one occasion heard someone playing the melody of green sleeves on a guitar. I was in amongst some sand dunes seeking out macro wildlife, when I become aware of the music. I made my way toward it and, without being seen myself I saw a young lady, not only was she playing the guitar she was sobbing, and fearing I’d scare her I turned and went back the way I had come. Not to far away, just far enough so I could still hear the music, for she played really well, and was still playing when I decided to move on. Who she was, and why she was crying I will never know, but every time I venture into that area again the memory returns, and one occasion I started to whistle the tune, perhaps in the hope that she might be around and on hearing it approach me, day dreaming again, but I have to say it was a musical moment that has stayed with me for over twenty years, she really could play!

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