Change Room


This is where Clark Kent transformed into Superman

Okay kids, this is also how we used to make phone calls last century.
So please keep a copy for your history assignments.

Taken by Kate at Summerland House Farm



  1. I remember as a child watching the “Adventures of Superman” in black and white on my parents console TV. You remember, the days when you had to use your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluts TO STAND UP and change the channel each time you wanted to see what else was on!! I have very mixed feelings about the concept of modern day “conveniences.” They have been ABUSED and have become contributing factors to so many health problems today.

    I think I have a solution for stronger MALE shoulders, biceps and triceps. I call it the, “DUMBBELL REMOTE CONTROL. (Now you see why I specified the gender.) The average male couch potato will continue to have weight and health problems, but those shoulders, biceps and triceps will really “POP.” 😀

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      1. I only sneak those tips in if I can do so in a manner that creates a smile on people’s faces. You may have noticed that health is sort of a passion of mine. 🙂

        Hope you’re enjoying your weather shift toward summer. I’m not a big fan of the soon to be winter, although the duration and severity is not bad in North Carolina.

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            1. You know Anna I tend to be happy where ever I am, as I alone am responsible for my happiness. But then I’ve always done what I wanted within reason! Please try it you might be pleasantly surprised?

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  2. Hello C.K.,
    You posted a comment on my “Prince of Pity” and when I went to answer it I accidentally erased it. Don’t ask me how because it was all in a flash. So my comment here is about your comment there. Just wanted to apologize for having clumsy fingers or whatever it was that caused the erasure. Thanks for reading “Prince of Pity” and posting a ‘LIKE’ on it.

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