Hi Cyber Clan!

Apologies for being absent for a while – hopefully these photos of my recent holiday might excuse me?  Have been trying to get down south for months and finally it came together.  Stunning places, good friends and made some new ones.

Ballina Heads
Ballina Heads

This is Ballina where I sampled my first Air BnB, the area is stunning with ocean, river, creeks and falls.  The people were so warm and welcoming … just might have to move there?

Channon Markets 40th anniversary

On Sunday we went to the Channon Markets quite oblivious that it was their 40th anniversary and everyone came out of the hills so to speak.  It was pouring rain when we arrived and with so many attending we had to park in a farmers paddock with a long walk to even get there.  But the quality of the stalls and the entertainment plus the warm friendliness of others made it an exceptional day out!

A Lizard in the Garden
A Lizard in the Roma Street Gardens, 15th Anniversary

Then on my return I stopped in Brisbane city to stroll through the Roma Street Gardens only to discover that it was their 15th anniversary so there were special plantings all in bloom.  But this friendly fella attracted my attention …  More photos to come.

Share some of your holiday pictures and stories?



  1. I must say, you do live in a beautiful place. Australia has everything and still so many places untouched. One day soon I will visit and rent a campervan, my preferred way to travel. On my site, here if you get a chance to stop by it. You will see I also live in a quite remarkable place here in Italy that is still undiscovered my tourist.
    Keep the photos coming Kate they are beautiful.

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  2. Confession…. I am Issa…. and right now i am still laughing about Mangos & Avocados…my cheeks hurt… We did the East coast of America by camper and got the *freedom bug* So we bought one here in Italy as well… Australia is such a beautiful country that i think it has to be done in 3 trips…. I will look into relocation vans…. what is that exactly?… like helping people move?

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    • Its driving other tourist’s camper vans back to where they collected it from for $1-$5 per day. So same type of transport but heaps cheaper and they are generous about mileage and time frames so you have time to detour to see other things and often give $200 for petrol/fuel. I know heaps about traveling on a shoe string … maybe that could be another blog?

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