Calling ALL Parents!

Youngsters sexual activity is making parents squirm as the Australian news headlines in the last week have featured five articles about how young and how sexually active pre-teens are!

This article focuses on professionals claiming that parents and schools are merely discussing the biology and not responding to the real questions youngsters have which is more about technique meaning that they already understand the terminology. Denmark and Holland are held up as examples of teaching children much younger and more factually by addressing core issues, sexual diversity and sexual assertiveness. They have well documented results including lower rates of STI’s and unwanted teen pregnancies.

Please scroll down two and read my recent post on Teen Porn and Pregnancy? A review about a DVD could not be circulated due to it’s mature content – can you spot anything offensive? I find this absolutely shocking considering the blatant nature of youngsters activity … this Australian DVD was a TV series where therapists, sex coaches & scientists give Luke McGregor, an awkward comedian, a crash course on sex. [available from ABC iView for $20]

Luke with his Unwanted Guests!

Please note that I am not suggesting that you buy it for your youngsters – my suggestion is to buy it for yourself! Learn more, be more open and then try that birds and bees talk with the kids. And most of all let them take the lead, ask what they want to know. Better they learn about it more factually from you than gossip behind the toilet block where two 12 yo’s raped a 6 yo!

The DVD addresses many myths, educates in an open and respectful manner about many things from knowing yourself, to exploring each other, being comfortable with nudity and ways to pleasure each other all done in a clear and humorous manner. To raise awareness of sexually transmitted diseases, for example, his ‘mates’ crowd out his flat in their black t-shirts labelling all the possibilities from herpes to AIDS to chlamydia, etc.

This educational series is long overdue and we can learn much thus enabling future generations a more comfortable and comprehensive education than we experienced. And believe me you will pass it around your family, friends and neighbours once you get over your initial shyness about the topic!



  1. Very good suggestion to buy the DVD, we have a big problem here in the UK as you probably know. Young girls so desperate to have Babies as though it is a game. The Taxpayers keep them, some single Mothers claiming as much as £24,000 a year in Benefits, its crippling the Country.

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    • Yes we seem to go from one extreme to the other – we used to make unmarried women adopt their babies out – now we pay them handsomely and neither seem to have helped?!

      Unless parents really get on board by learning everything they can how can they really talk to their youngsters … yes youngsters, education needs to start at a very young age! About respect, choices, assertiveness eg you can say NO, etc.

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      • Respect. poppet, is missing in every walk of life – you know I say these things and they sound so old fashioned make me feel old, but it was a better World perhaps. How many actually say “No” these days.

        My eldest Son took me to see the new Bourne film some weeks back, I hardly ever go to the Cinema, during the film there were youngsters about 8/10yrs jumping on seats/jumpsing over them their Mothers (I assume) sat there laughing. I wanted to say something but my Son told me to be careful, what a sad World.

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  2. Between political correctness and “solutions” through avoidance I’m amazed the problem isn’t worse than it is. It’s time adults assume the responsibility of educating their children. It’s time schools create programs to respectfully address these issues.
    We seem to prefer to avoid these topics and address them once the problem has manifested. It seems (in general) throughout the world the meaning of “prevention” is poorly understood.

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    • You make very valid points as usual Dr Jonathan! The research clearly shows that those countries more open to these topics have FAR less problems!

      With kids having access to everything online parents need to keep savvy on such topics or the gap widens.

      So the sooner parents educate themselves the better they can communicate more meaningfully with their offspring.

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