Preventing Alzheimer’s

The experts claim that only 25% of Alzheimer’s is genetic, 75% is due to other factors.

In order to prevent Alzheimers from developing these points need to be heeded!  It will benefit ourselves, our families, and our community.

  1.  normal blood pressure
  2. high levels of good cholesterol
  3. exercise daily, whatever works for you
  4. social engagement – groups, art, intellectual stimulation
  5. diet – mediterranean is recommended – no sugar – use garlic and olive oil
  6. adequate sleep

from ABC Catalyst 23 August



      • I always used to be in bed before midnight, but this habit now of 5am has slowly crept in, I set my alarm for 7am now, my Sons are always on at me I don’t get enough sleep. I do sleep sound sometimes because I never hear the alarm clock and being deaf in one ear I put the Clock under my pillow. Take care.

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