Road Trips?

CQ 19:  Share an interesting road trip you have been on or are planning?

I just had  corker – BFF drove me down to Mum’s – south coast road from Sydney.  We stopped off at Stanwell Tops to watch the para-sailers jump off the cliff’s edge. Dramatic, colourful and so joyful.   Not known to be a great adventurer I am inspired to give it a go should the offer ever arise?  As they looked so free being uplifted as they stepped off and then floating about the cliff face, clouds and over the coast line.  Getting a real birds eye view and then landing in the park below.

Hadn’t been on the new bridge at Coal Cliff – had originally seen this bridge in a car advertisement and it seemed familiar so looked it up and realised it was a place that I knew well. Have been an expat for a decade and one never hears about such new roads.  Amazing engineering feat, fabulous outlook over our coast line and got some great photos.  So friend and I walked it clicking away and greeting so many foreign visitors.  Wonder if the locals walk it?



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