Shifting Focus

Creative Question 18:  With all the turmoil and bad news in our world maybe developing ourselves, exploring our strengths, could be the most viable solution? Actually make ourselves into the change that we want to see … then lead by example …

Recent research clearly demonstrated that the emphasise that our current education system places on performance/competition is stressing out students … they have more mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, than ever before!  It seems like the joyful aspects of learning and growing are absent and although we do need basic maths many of us never use it or science after finishing school.

Who was taught basic life skills? Sure we assume families do much of this, but so many come from dysfunctional families or those who are too busy making sure the bills are paid that quality time with their rapidly growing offspring is nominal. Meaning that family may not have the skills or time …

By basic skills I mean meaningful communication skills, how to deal with emotions and conflict, how to budget and network – with real people not just on social media. Skills around personal boundaries; acceptable behaviours; the ethics of right vs wrong; what resources are available for when we are confronted by life’s challenges.

I believe that the current unrest stems from people’s inability to accept diversity. Those not fitting precisely into societies ‘norms’ or expectations are marginalized by the mainstream and so radicalization finds fertility in their disenchantment.

If we all learnt to accept and support diversity then less people would be vulnerable due to their disengagement.

Did you get good direction for life?
Did you get good direction for life?

What do you think?



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