How can we enjoy life more?
Do you always see a flaw?
Compulsively shop at any store?
Or yawn widely finding it a bore?

Appreciate every tiny thing!
For smiles of contentment it can bring.
Makes our heart truly sing
gives dark clouds of depression the fling!

 Always look for the good,
see the humour is you would
make your motto “appreciation of all”
whatever happens make it a ball!

Why wallow and wait
get involved, be passionate!
This life is too brief
resolve now to turn over a new leaf

Finally walk that mile,
Share a warm smile,
Give a kind word,
Let others know they are heard.

 Spring clean your cupboards
and imagine it’s your mind
blow those cobwebs away and see what you find?
Think of random ways to be kind

This has a ripple effect on all around
as we open to appreciation
others get drawn in, in fascination.
Our moods will lift and life will lighten!

ccc 11.5.06



  1. I like the message in your poem, particularly in the third line. Seeing the humor is key for me. I don’t think it would be possible for me to get through even the mildest hardship unless I was able to laugh about it. I don’t know how people born without a sense of humor can cope. I guess they just punch a lot of walls or whatever. 🙂

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    1. My name is Anna, if I may answer something you say above. It is your comments people being born without a sense of humour, it can be taken away from you as a child being taught not to laugh at times, being in a house where there is hardly laughter, let alone humour. I am not saying it is the cause, but I didn’t punch walls I “cut”. Thanks for your comment.

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      1. I’m sorry to hear that humor can be taken away from some children. That is desperately sad. I’ve heard it can be a great comfort, even in terrible situations. I remember watching an interview some years ago with one of the last veterans of the trenches on the Western Front during the First World War. He described the appalling conditions, the death and the suffering that surrounded him constantly. One of the main things that kept him and his comrades going, he said, was making jokes about the situation, no matter how grim it became.

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        1. I always envied other Children who were always so happy and laughing. I am a Widow now and my two Sons are still at home, and we laugh and joke and its great. Your story on the First World War was very humbling, thank you for telling ti.

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