Firstly my humble apologies to my regular readers, especially Lori, for becoming so distracted by paid writing … paid is a misnomer!

Have noticed a coincidence that some readers seem to be posting on topics raised in Creative Questions but are not linking them …? Glad if you have been inspired but it does mean that most participation is done in the comments section below my posts so please be sure to scroll down and read those? And if you have done this please be sure to link your posts to the relevant CQ post?

13.  How have your life values changed?

Six readers have made fascinating observations in the comments section below and Lori shares seven crucial aspects about how she has changed her life and values over her precious 50 years!

14.  Have you been inspired to refresh or improve a talent recently?

Four readers have offered some fascinating comments about their talent below, and Lori’s delightful post –may inspire you to try drawing!

15   Please share your constructive solutions for domestic violence?

Cara and Lori offered insightful comments; plus I posted some links to relevant news articles; both Anna and Kai Romancer, who claims to be only 18 yo offer profound words of wisdom on the topic!

16.   Please share a sweet childhood memory?

Four readers have posted some very diverse responses well worth reading in the comments section.

17.   Do we need to rethink our version of democracy; of elections and governance; of reconnecting with real people and their issues?

Again four readers have posted diverse responses below my post.

Many people read the CQ page – please join us?



  1. Hello Kate 🙂 I will be getting around to answering all of your recent CQs in the upcoming days and weeks. Your CQs are still an important project and continue to enjoy doing this with you. Good luck with your paid writing projects!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad you have resurfaced – how are you?
      Take your time as you are the only person committed to regularly doing CQs. Others really like to read our input so seems that’s the best they can do.


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