Childhood Memories?

CQ 16:  Please share a sweet childhood memory?

Let your mind meander and light your dial with a smile then give us a full description, set the scene and be creative! Nostalgic, winsome, humorous or dramatic … let it flow.



  1. The year was 1965. The girl was Darcy S. Although I was only in kindergarten, I knew she was the girl for me! My father was a novelty salesman; his merchandise was found at carnivals and included fake jewelry, snakes that ejected from fake cameras, etc… After explaining to my father my need for a ring to give to Darcy, he provided me the perfect choice.
    For days, I feared approaching Darcy (with my limited experience in the world of “love.”) She was always around Doug H. (a fellow kindergartner) and laughing and playing. Well, the day came for me to approach Darcy and offer my ring in turn for her commitment to being my girlfriend. She laughed and threw it on the floor and told me she liked Doug H more than me. Not being quite mature enough to know how to deal with rejection, I beat Doug H up after school. This taught me an important lesson as I earned a school punishment, a parental punishment and further dissatisfaction from the “girl of my dreams.” I was truly heartbroken and thought life would never be the same… and then came Eileen S. 🙂

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    1. ah so your womanising started very young! But I see you have learnt much from these early escapades –
      Violence is never acceptable!
      You will survive rejection and heartache!
      There are always more fish in the sea …
      Thanks for sharing Jonathan

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  2. i remember the patience of my grandfather to teach me how to play chess, salt water fish, and take care of my diabetic grandmother. His example of kindness toward others remains with me today.

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