Sometime ago when volunteering at a local Wordcamp/Conference I met an creative energetic lady who encouraged me to start writing articles online. Need to post a few photos with each article and POW I’ve reconnected with my passion for photography.  My followers increased once I started adding photos to my posts.  My writing skills and photography are mediocre but here was an opportunity to practice and improve. They pay about 0.7 cent per read and have little readership so it’s just a hobby and a great way to start by sharing the places and events that I have enjoyed.

 How have you been inspired to refresh or improve a talent recently?



  1. Although I love to share my messages with the world, I would like to begin public speaking to help people more directly understand how to uncover the challenges impeding them from living healthier, happier lives.

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    • And you certainly have the talent for that, and the followers … maybe check out those agencies who book speakers? I hope to attend a conference in June and they got the cheapest possible guest speaker at $10,000 – he’s talking on a topic i know well so am particularly interested. I’ve done quite a few free talks for service groups eg Rotary, Inner Wheel, schools, etc but have no clue about the paid circuit.

      Anyone reading this who has some knowledge or contacts please share?

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  2. Yes! Yes! and Yes! I love the blogging world. It has allowed me to combine many of my loves–photography, family history, writing, cooking–into one. To get paid would be the icing. I completed my master’s two years ago but find it difficult to “get hired” to write for online organizations; even the hiring process is online. I LOVE the idea in your post here. Any suggestions?

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    • Be careful who you work for, its all on line and at one cent per view you will not make a living!

      I signed up for one lot but read their writers chat page and people were not being paid! Know for a fact that WN do pay after you’ve earned $50 and that will take a few months.

      So good luck if you’re game and please don’t forget to mention me, and let me know so that I can make sure it happens?

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      • Thank you, Kate. I will check into this; thanks for sending the link. If I follow through with this, I will mention your name. How do you like it so far (aside from the dollars issue)?

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        • For me Karenlee it’s a blessing – I had neglected my passion for photography, enjoy writing and like the idea of supporting local businesses that work so hard to make a living. One is free to choose what they write about so for me it’s a way to repay the kindness!

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          • Well, I will definitely check out the site. I am so glad I found your blog…or did you find me? 😉 Anyway, this is what feeds my soul nowadays: writing, photography, family history, gardening, cooking, and rescue pets. Combining it all in a blog has been a dream come true, but to be paid would be best. 🙂 Thanks again.

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