Second Review

Seems my Creative Questions are generating good discussion below my actual posts but Lori from ‘As Fate Would Have It’ is the only regular contributor … Daily Post has said that we tend to blog longer and improve if blogging in a community – so please join us?

Appreciate Jen posting her link for the Question on ‘Who are You?’

8: Please share a gift that you’ve received and one that you’ve given?
With much thanks for Lori’s contribution!

9. How has mental health touched your life?
An interesting discussion well worth reading blow this post plus Lori’s contribution.

10. How has war impacted on your family and life?
My poem WOE was a main feature in last years ANZAC exhibition and has generated diverse comments below my post – plus Lori’s contribution.

11. If you were a musical instrument which one would you be and why?
Some really fun and creative contributions were posted below in the comments section, check it out!  Plus Lori’s contribution – thanks everyone for joining in this one.


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