Staph infections are actually killing people, often a gruesome legacy from hospital stays. The super bugs are resistant to most antibiotics and treatment is both punishing and not readily spoken about. What the experts neglect to say is that once the chronic episode is under control the bacteria, or bugs, are still very much present and active within your system.

Symptoms can include:

Low energy or chronic exhaustion, this lethargy is sometimes confused with the initial illness that precipitated the hospital visit.

Itchiness, skin irritation or subtle rashes indicate a colonies presence

Pimples arise in various places that continue to grow into very nasty and painful Blisters

Excess clear slimy Snot from the bacteria, or bugs, residing and growing in the nose with a coat of clear gel that is their protection or colonisation.


Anti bacterial wash, twice a day for ten days during an episode, then each shower to keep the itchiness and pimples under control

Antibacterial nasal cream in your nostrils twice daily to kill their colonies

Frequent hand washing and meticulous covering of sneezes are essential to stop the spread of these nasties – keep your family and friends safe!

Staying fit with diet, exercise and sleep along with turmeric help to strengthen the immune system to fight this imbalance.

Please note that I have no medical qualifications and this information has come from various sources but if you know anyone blighted by a super bug, staph infection, then please use these comments to start the conversation we need to be having with our doctors.

This post arose from deep concern when a neighbour with young daughters continued to work even though advised to rest – he didn’t think it was serious!

Please relate any stories or solutions that you know about these nasty life-changing infections?

19.5.16   This is actually worse than I thought – one million people died from staph infections in less than two years! They state that very soon a finger cut, child birth or basic operation could lead to death …

BEWARE … give us clean hospitals, please?

15.2.17 Here is a recent link to an important development into the super-infections