Avoid Heart Disease
Cut out salt, alcohol, smokes and processed red meat
Ensure your blood pressure and cholesterol are down
Increase fibre and nuts in your diet
Increase your physical activity as fitness does help
Only use Asprin after a heart attack, not prior as recommended by some doctors

Lower your Cholesterol by diet not medications
Cut out red meat, cheese and dairy
Eat more oats and aubergines

Sleep on your side; avoid alcohol before bed; try nose strips or mouth guards
Only 2 minutes of tongue exercises 3 times per day showed significant improvement over 3 months trial

Both high heels and flats can cause joint and back pains, damage knees and posture – for those followers of fashion you can help by rolling a tennis or golf ball under your foot and picking up marbles with your toes to place in a cup!

Best is a good fitting shoe with a slight heel and arch supports

Taken from Michael Mosley’s series