Health Hints II

Avoid Heart Disease
Cut out salt, alcohol, smokes and processed red meat
Ensure your blood pressure and cholesterol are down
Increase fibre and nuts in your diet
Increase your physical activity as fitness does help
Only use Asprin after a heart attack, not prior as recommended by some doctors

Lower your Cholesterol by diet not medications
Cut out red meat, cheese and dairy
Eat more oats and aubergines

Sleep on your side; avoid alcohol before bed; try nose strips or mouth guards
Only 2 minutes of tongue exercises 3 times per day showed significant improvement over 3 months trial

Both high heels and flats can cause joint and back pains, damage knees and posture – for those followers of fashion you can help by rolling a tennis or golf ball under your foot and picking up marbles with your toes to place in a cup!

Best is a good fitting shoe with a slight heel and arch supports

Taken from Michael Mosley’s series




    • Yes the more people spreading good health tips the better … some may eventually hear the message!

      Always jotted down a few summary points directly regarding my own health when i watched these shows but my exercise book is rapidly filling, that’s when I realised I could summarise generally and post it. Doubt I will ever have the authority or depth of knowledge that you have but every little bit helps.

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      • Just remember, we doctors use “big words” out of (no doubt) great insecurity. I’ve tried “walking on water” and it seems I have failed the task of staying afloat. My pedestal is ground level and I am proud to blend in as just a decent person. My passion in life, however, is health and the well being of the people in this world. Knowledge is important, but motivating people to recognize the need to change behaviors that help to improve the quality of their lives….now that’s magic!
        Your healthy tips are more valuable than you give credit for. People have an easier time relating to peers than to doctors. This is why comments on my blog site are so important. If people agree with my postings and add comments, it adds credibility to the message and further motivates the reader to consider new ideas. It is people like you that help me achieve my goals to help others. I will always be grateful.

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        • Although not medically qualified I did work for many years with doctors in hospitals, hospices and in the community … often I had to act as translator due to that love of terminology. And they do seem to have a need to be omnipotent eg heal all, when maybe less might be better.

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