If you were a musical instrument
which one would you be and why?

I’d be a sexy saxophone
playing a broad range of discordant jazz notes!



  1. I’d be a harmonica; I like being kissed on the mouth, and besides, I’d be just the right size to take anywhere, and to take out anytime. I’d be simple and always tuned to musical conversations… Then when you’re done with me, just put me back in my bed and I’ll be there for you whenever you fancy me again.

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  2. erm …..erm …..was going to say harmonica but ShaTara bet me to it …twas because you can pop it in your pocket ….hmmmm so now I will go from the sublime to the ridiculous and say Didgerydoo ….because they are HUGE …make that weird mwwwoooooo wah wah …mwwwoooooo wah wah noise …and you live in Oz ….home of what must be one of the weirdest sounding instruments in the world:D:D:D

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