Gifts CQ 8

I recently received a special gift a ‘A Little Bag of Hope” – it was given on completion of a WRAP course for volunteers supporting those with mental health issues.

The list tells it all …

Smarties to remind you that you are wise and knowledgeable
A star to remind you to keep shining brightly
A paperclip to help you hold things together
An eraser to fix the small mistakes
A rubber band to help you stretch beyond your limits
A balloon to lift your spirits when they are down
A coloured pencil to make your day colourful and bright
A band-aid to fix the small ‘bumps’ you may experience
A smiley face to remind you that laughter is the best medicine
A match to light your spark of hope
A candle to keep your fire burning brightly
A seed to remind you that growth is always possible
Glitter for that extra sparkle in your life
Sticky tape to remind you to stick to it
A feather to lighten your load when it feels too heavy
A pipe cleaner to remind you to be flexible
A bouncy ball to remind that life will always bounce back!

But the most precious gift I’ve ever been given is ‘life’!

A fun gift I gave a troubled young widow was a package of brightly wrapped parcels each containing a gift for one of the senses.

CQ 8: Please share a gift that you’ve received and one that you’ve given?



  1. How very clever, both the gift you received and the one you gave! What imaginative ideas…I will have to keep that in mind the next time I’m looking for a unique gift. 🙂

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