Creative Questions First Review!

This will be a long but most interesting read – so please make a cuppa, prepare your favourite snack and sink into your comfy chair … please click these links if you dare?

  1. Please share your story about an eccentric who’s cheered up your life?

Rainbow Ripples takes home first prize with a gripping childhood story with an unexpected twist – it is a Must read!

Kerry and Lori also made a powerful impression with their hilarious characters!

And read Dagmar series about the eccentric London detective Egon who is still investigating a mysterious death!

My initial response was an outback bushie then my flash fiction about an outback Dracula

  1. How have you and yours been affected by violence?

Wow, this topic arose strongly while I was doing an on-line course for Domestic Family Violence and the discussion it raised was tragic but empowering … please read the comments on this one?

Kerry’s post is about her own childhood abuse so please be sure to check it out in order to ensure your own children’s safety?

Very graphic and quite terrifying flash fiction, strictly adults only!

A very sad but true personal life story of a victim of abuse and how she conquered it!

I’m a bit overwhelmed with how many of my posts refer to violence – here are more posts if you have the stomach for it – they are short and clearly cover a huge range of different forms of violence.

Trauma, Self-harm, Predators, Refugees, Aboriginal People, Misrepresentation by media, the current rapes in India and child abuse.

  1. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Happiness and laughter seems the theme here. But Lori takes the prize home for this short but sweet post, and she certainly has the talent to achieve this one!

Mine was more ordinary …

  1. How do you describe yourself when asked Who are You?

A brief but worthy discussion on this topic – we are all but nothing at the same time!

Lori says it far better, thanks for contributing on all six Creative Questions so far!

  1. What cheers you up – what brings a smile to your dial, a skip to your step, makes life seem more worthwhile?You will laugh out loud with this artistic post!  And this warm pet story will ensure a smile!  With Lori giving a surprising take on what cheers her up.  Mine include joy and humour!
  1. Write about a moment of courage when you stood up for yourself!Lori shares a very powerful personal story of how she turned her life around by leaving a miserable marriage … And stating our opinion is empowering for ourselves even if we don’t always get the outcome we wanted.

Please join in April’s Creative Question, and my next review should be briefer but always interesting!

  1. You have just won $10 million Lottery – share how it will impact your life?  $10 million WIN – CQ 7


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