All the Planets Aligned!

Don’t really know a thing about stars, planets or cosmology … what I do believe is that we are all unique special beings who are closely interwoven or interdependent – we are different but we are also one!

Yesterday all the planets aligned for me …

Firstly where I volunteer a guy brought me a papaya from his tree, and fresh hand-picked fruit is far superior to the chemical laden ones available for purchase!

Then a lovely friend brought in a freshly baked Harmony cake – moist chocolate with orange topping – to celebrate “Australia’s cultural diversity which is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. It is a day for all Australians to embrace cultural diversity and to share what we have in common. The central message for Harmony Day is that ‘everyone belongs’, reinforcing the importance of inclusiveness to all Australians” from their official site. Something learnt about and I am more than glad to celebrate such a significant sentiment started by our original Aboriginal ancestors.

After volunteering I cycled home as usual via the supermarket and was particularly weighed down by a big shop trying to stock up for Easter so I don’t have to brave the hoards of tourists that will swamp this major holiday destination. Cycling across a major intersection my weighty grocery crate decided to part ways with my cycle and a line of traffic patiently waited while I moved the bike then my scattered groceries off the road – jar and juices were okay but lost two eggs. One young lass pulled up to offer me sturdy shopping bags thinking that my bags may have split. An unknown neighbour came quickly to offer me a lift home just as her 17 yo surfer son pulled up in his truck and threw bike and groceries in the back and drove me home. He chatted on about the National Surf Championships which will be held at my/our beach in about four weeks .. explains all the sheds appearing on the beach and the huge temporary structure they have placed in the field I overlook. They are expecting more than seven thousand entrants plus their family and friends from all over oz here for a week!

Was rather relaxed about all this delay knowing that a generous neighbour had offered to deliver a three course dinner in return for an honest review for a new business she is setting up. It was very tasty the roast veg salad, plus cabbage and coriander fritters with riata sauce, and a little box of sweets.  Not used to eating so much so there is plenty to enjoy again today!

Plus it was also the highest ever viewings of my blog in one day, 75! Thanks heaps to all of you and especially the Comments Course.

Wait a moment I’m not finished yet – we all heard the disturbing news of the bombings in Brussels and our fellow blogger Andy lives there. Emailed him and he immediately responded that he was elsewhere and safe … my heart and thoughts go out to all those affected.

We cannot live without the kindness of others and yesterday I got more than my fair share of genuine kindness from so many others! Thank you one and all, may I soon repay your incredible kindness or pass it on in some way.

PS An artistic blogger has just agreed to design a logo for the Blogging Event that I host – Creative Questions



  1. Wow, you certainly had a lucky day, well done those planets! I’m doing the Commenting Bootcamp course, and today we have to ask questions. I looked at your blog but didn’t find the answers, so here we go. I presume you are in Australia, whereabouts exactly? I am from the uk but visited your fine land in 2000 prior to the Olympics, as my mum emigrated there. Have you always lived in Oz? Do all your family live there too, or do you have relatives in other parts of the world? And finally, if you have never been to the UK, can you give one sentence summing up what you think it is like?

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  2. Good Morning CalmKate, I loved this blog. It made me smile. I’m on the comments course too and looked to find a different blog to look into today and came across yours. Well done on your 75 views in one day, I’m new and yet to reach that level of interest.

    My question to you is 2 fold really….. Do you believe in Karma and what is it that you think you did for the universe to pay you back as it did?

    To my mind you appear to be a very generous soul and I wish you a happy Wednesday (although in Oz it’s almost over I imagine).

    Best wishes


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  3. What a wonderful chain of little kindness events! Plus you got driven home by a surfer dude 🙂 I’m sure you are giving out a lot of kindness and compassion yourself and people find lovely ways of repaying you.
    Looking forward to seeing the logo for your blog event!!
    have a great Wednesday,
    p.s. the place where you live sounds fabulous, got quite jealous when reading (and not just because of the surfers 😉 )

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    1. Ah the scenery here is great! There are lots of pluses to living here but the regular influxes of tourists is the drawback – guess when one lives in Paradise we need to share it!
      I’m still working on my kindness and compassion but to be on the end of so much good will was magic … off now to create some more.

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  4. This was a great post for the start of my day. I, too, am in the commenting course, but am having trouble keeping up. This stop was worth it. I like stories of normal, every day kindness. It helps me to focus on what matters with all of the static of the other goings on in the world.

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