Looking for balance in your life?
Climbing out of your own strife?
Health issues cutting like a sharp knife?

I’ve studied mindfulness for years
well before it became a ‘trend’
fully integrated into life, it does indeed mend!

Useful to stay focused and transcend fears
Calmness really does descend
yet balance is needed for old habits to bend

Excellent to do a mindful practice or walk
Cut all communication – outer and inner chatter
Aware of each breathe and muscle as we turn inward

But a Mindless walk can also bring Balance
an unfocused walk where our mind meanders
enjoying the vista or smile at bird song

Meditated in the Himalayas four years
had to cart every drop of water needed
and dodge raw sewage as infrastructure unheeded

So many of us have family and jobs
feel shackled, reduced to sobs
like our hearts and dreams are robbed

Yet just ten to fifteen minutes twice a day
will ease the edge off our fray
give our hearts space to stay

Kindness to oneself and others is vital for our inner glow!
But Balance is essential to really learn and grow!

Mindfulness practice alone can be intense so we ease up, relax and combine some less mindful practise in order to bring balance and joy!