Privacy Pirates!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS] will retain all identifying information with this year’s census eg names and addresses! This decision was made without consulting our privacy watchdog and their media release, December 18th, during holiday time was not broadcasted. All crucial factors as this census is going to be a vastly comprehensive one asking each of us many very personal details.

Breaches of privacy, reports of hackers accessing supposedly secure information have been increasing world wide! And those with government employment experience will know that real confidentiality is an unachievable policy!

With the ABS wilfully avoiding all checks they leave us little option but active civil disobedience … so please read these links and forward to all those who will be impacted? Aussies need to know so please take heed …

“Noting that around 19 per cent of Australians surveyed by the ABS in 2015 expressed a lack of trust in the institution, Mr McLennan told The Australian Financial Review there was a considerable risk that a large number of people would engage in “an active civil disobedience” campaign. “You may as well not run the census.”



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