My sympathies to all those residing in or around Flint, Michigan have just read about your poisoned water and that so many of your young ones have lead poisoning whist the local council has been ardently denying anything wrong for eighteen months?

Doubt that many of you will be reading this as 33% of you can’t even read! And as it’s a largely poor area – 40% on or below the poverty line – you probably can’t afford internet connections as you save every cent possible to buy precious bottled water.

Sadly us developing nations are only as good as we [and I definitely include my country in this] treat our underdogs – the poor, our native inhabitants, migrants, etc. Here we have supposed legislation to protect these marginalised minorities but it is just words on paper when there are no legitimate channels to address the breaches.

What can we do? Those of us who are literate and do have www access need to ‘shame’ authorities into stepping up … it would have cost them $100 a day to treat the problem initially and now billions to correct it! But even billions of dollars can never compensate for the human lives it has damaged, maybe even taken. Surely in developed countries we should be guaranteed drinkable water?

Please check this information and then spread the word – shame the authorities into action?

PS Thanks to all those protestors who turned out in Ohio and Chicago – DT has already made you look like absolute idiots that he’s actually got this far! And nobody will ever take you seriously if he does get into office … so you do need to take action now

December 2016 – The latest development!