Courage – CQ 6

Shy child, mentally and emotionally abused
No confidence, scared to be smart
Public talk as a teen gave her self-worth!

Fourteen year old took a hammer to bed
When father came she fought him off
Took a decade but she worked up the courage!

So many broken bones and hospital admissions
Remote rural farm with no way out
Sedated his tea so he slept off the grog!

Life had been a constant struggle
But practiced so hard for the opportunity
Then showcased her talent and won so many hearts!

Creative Question 6:  Write about a moment of courage when you stood up for yourself?

Idea arises from a players workshop written up by the ABC News, NT
NB These are other people’s stories!



  1. I don’t have anything as dramatic as the scenario you describe in your poem. I once got into a fight with someone at university when he laughed at my appearance. It was a stupid thing to do and very uncharacteristic of me. I’m absolutely not an aggressive person at all and I’m terrible at fighting. The guy had been a bit of a jerk to me for weeks beforehand and it was simply the last straw. Anyway, we rolled about grappling and punching for a while and then we were pulled apart. That was thirty or so years ago and I’ve made a point of not doing anything as foolish since then.

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  2. Kate are you writing about you? If so, I am truly sorry you had to experience that, and glad that you gained courage to stand up to it. If it’s fictional, then I’m very relieved.

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  3. A few weeks ago my manager told me and a few others that we would be on a zero-hour-contract. I made a scene (in a good way) and told him that I had no savings to speak of, no family, partner or benefits and that if I’d really get zero hours one week it would set me back a lot. It didn’t change the situation but at least I let them know what my situation was.
    I also feel good every time I say what I think even though it’s not what the other person wants to hear.

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