Dreamed of running away with the circus; becoming a prima donna ballerina; or a world-famous model …. Tried each of these on a much lesser scale. Plus a bit of PR, a sandwich maker, secretary, coordinator, professional, volunteer and far too many more. Barmaid and waitressing were just not me.

A real comedian, a stand up joker is what I want to be … so my sense of humour might be a bit twisted. Dark from years of mixing with sordid types – child safety work and riding motor-bikes. I do like to see the humour in situations, take the micky out of myself, laugh at the outrageous and the senseless. There is no real reason to get tied up in knots when things go wrong … worry, panic or distress don’t change the circumstances. So I laugh, do a wee jig and try to move on.

They say laughter is the best medicine and it sure picks me up. So if I could make others laugh, see the humour in situations rather than react or get too serious.

Would like to distract others from their woes,
make them giggle and wriggle from top to toes,
chuckle and snort through their snotty nose.
Or watch dolphins, it all helps the endorphins grow[s]

Then even if it doesn’t heal at least they’ve had some brief relief for those few moments. And maybe when their next challenge hits it might enable them to snigger, a bit of silliness or sunshine to melt their sad or serious outlook!

Or just sit by the sea and watch those dolphins surf, play and flip their tails brings a smile to our dial making life much more worthwhile and does release truck loads of endorphins!

Creative Question: 3. What do you want to be when you grow up?