Violence … CQ 2

Domestic violence, bullying and harassment are about power and control!
Violators seem bent on extinguishing another’s very soul …

Put downs, lies, verbal and emotional abuse
Bashed, confused and being used

Bullies and Bashers manipulate to ensure victim is isolated
Their language and abuse meant to denigrate

Bashers and society tend to blame,
victims live with guilt and constant shame!

Their very real fear and inability to trust alienate
Lack of sleep and respect agitate

Alcohol and drugs are often involved
Please be aware to get this plague resolved!

Sorry am currently doing a course on domestic family violence – did have a more cheerful question but this one arose stronger … violence takes many forms – emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual, verbal and physical!

Creative Question: 2. How have you or yours been touched by violence?



    • Hi Ravenwing, I had noticed mention of that on your site. And if you are not a “victim” then you are already a Victor!
      Can you share some creative writing on the topic or is it still too painful? I think having a more personal perspective could be powerful – the more we talk about it openly, blow the silence/secrecy then the sooner society will accept that violence is NOT acceptable at any level! That we are all human beings and entitled to feel safe and respected, especially in our own homes.
      Sadly it is becoming more common for men to be raped, for parents/children to be abused, road rage, bullying, harassment at work, uni, etc … Please help us to speak up?

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  1. Only if you feel like it. That’s the idea of Creative Questions … That others do they own blog on the topic and post a link or ping back to this site.

    Writing could help heal But don’t even try it if it’s still raw.


  2. I’ve been quite severely bullied and faced some abuse in my past and my father was violent but my mother and I managed to get away from him. (He’s not responsible for everything though) Been through quite a lot but I’m proud to say that despite everything I’ve come out the other end and have survived. But it really made me grow up at a young age and be more mature than my peers.

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    • You are so right Dagmar, sexual violence is a biggy! They say about 50% of women will experience some form of sexual violence before the age of 30 … and as society becomes more violent men are also being targeted. Let’s make our homes and streets safe again!
      If sharing from a personal perspective is too much I would totally appreciate one of your special flash fictions on the topic? Something more general …

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    • But sounds like you have great supports and resilience to turn that ‘lesson’ into a victory? Not sure there is an easy solution just more skilful ways of dealing with their tactics.
      Want to do a blog about the bullies and link it in?

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  3. Indeed it’s a horrible plague–and the ripple effect/continuing cycle is so crippling. Having grown up in an abusive home, it was so familiar that I then married an abusive man… too often we go with what we know, even if it’s scary. I choose to be alone now, as I don’t trust myself to know what is “healthy” love–and I doubt I’d know how to act if someone treated me well. That’s sad–but fortunately I’m very gifted to be alone, i.e., I do not suffer loneliness or boredom (I thoroughly enjoy my own creative company) 🙂 Thank you for this post, and the opportunity to comment.

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    • Thank you Azul for sharing that … you are so right, we do tend to gravitate towards what we know even when we know its not healthy for us. To change that pattern and risk a healthy relationship is sadly daunting for too many! Like you I totally enjoy my own company and do not suffer from loneliness.

      Would you like to do a post on your blog – generally about the topic if the personal specifics are too difficult, then post a link here?


      • In answer to your question, I’m not sure I can do a post about domestic violence…I have quite a few poems that relate to my experiences (though not all are currently posted on this blog)…but because I hear the sincerity on your part, I’ll give it some thought. Possibly I can do a new poem that reflects some aspect of it….no promises though. I appreciate you speaking on the topic, as too many of us are still bleeding inside from scars we can’t seem to move past. As I indicated, I’ve made a satisfactory solo life for myself–but it is hardly what I dreamed about when I was a young girl. The child within still wonders why I didn’t deserve better… not in an obsessive way, you understand–but to have to “make a life around”, or metaphorically “next door to” the trauma that remains, and those questions, is an uneasy peace at best. Thank you for being here–I wish you all good things ~ Azul

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    • You say it so well and others do need to hear it, thank you! Nobody can take that trauma away but you do learn more ways to cope with it, and you have such inner strength – it radiates out.
      You don’t need to go there again, please just post a link back to one of the poems you’ve already posted?

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      • You’re so very thoughtful–my Faith in God is the only way I survive, truly. I know how much He loves me, that He has much better things in store for me–even though I’m 63 🙂

        I’m cooking today (joyful “therapy”!)–but indeed, I’ve been thinking about trying to write more about my abuse, since reading your blog post. So, we’ll see what happens–thank you again, for everything. Knowing we’re not alone is very comforting–we’re not aliens, or if we are, there’s a whole big colony of us! Bless you 🙂

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    • Yes sadly I am sorry that this post has resonated with so many, you are never alone!
      I do sincerely hope that some bullies or bashers drop by and read these comments … give them something to think about the long term damage they cause.
      mmmh i can smell the cooking from here, yummy.

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    • Yes sadly your words ring true … everyone is to blame except them! We really need to take responsibility for our own words and actions.
      Wish I was next door, I’m a very basic cook. You enjoy.

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  4. I’m very glad to say domestic violence was never been a problem in my family. My parents were very loving and the only fighting that ever went on was between my brother and I for the front seat in the car. School was a horrible time for me, though. I absolutely hated it because of the bullying that went on, both of me and of other people around me.

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    • Hi Jane – please read my blog and my comments and let me know who you think I am?
      “Trust” must be your issue? Im not aware of seeking or needing anyones ‘trust’- approval is nice when we get it but for me blogging has the real bonus of choosing what we read and of getting as involved as we wish with absolutely NO obligations.
      I would like to think I might inspire people to write creatively. Creative may mean sharing personal experiences or writing creative fiction – totally your choice. But I’d like to think we can all be kind to each other and just hang out with bloggers who fit comfortably for us …

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    • Thanks for reading and sharing that much Anna!
      To open up on such a public forum may not be a good idea, I understand that. But hopefully you can open up with someone close that you trust or a professional who can help … Violence is tough and sharing does ease the burden. Keep learning and growing, you are a stronger person for that!
      “Our past does shape us but it doesn’t define us” – forgotten who said this.


  5. Never seen so much violence as today. Depending on the definition , most of the time , I turn on the news and see how our country revels in the idea of being violent. In my life , football is a very violent sport now to watch. You might check out the nonviolent tone of my blogs – Snippets of a Traveling Mind.

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    • Football is a very violent game – all my brothers played but I stopped watching after one guy took a running punch at another during injury time out … a handsome healthy young man got epilepsy for life! And I have checked your blog out, thanks.


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