Trauma Triggers

War veterans often have too many triggers
They were trained to kill
And by giving them this skill
It causes deep psyche damage

Conflict zones cement their woes
Fighting all and sundry foes
Training doesn’t prepare for the lows
Difficult to take time out or smell a rose

Calm sanity usually goes
Impatience and anger quick to trigger
Reactions before they can compose
Their nerves are so frayed

Lack of sleep and trauma replayed
Family matters often delayed
Tough bravado readily displayed
But they are indeed kind loyal heroes!

Poetry 101 Rehab: Triggers
ANZAC day is approaching and we should be aware of the damage that war does!



  1. Wonderful poem! :). It’s just a shame that it exists…what I mean is that if there was no war we wouldn’t need to write such words…(sorry I didn’t mean it in an offensive way, I’m glad you wrote it)
    The war is such a short thing compared to the after effects veterans go through, some may never get to a good place 😦

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  2. I have a few reservations about war veterans… Why would you want to go to a foreign country which has done you no harm and kill men, women and children who have done you no harm? That they end up with PTSD or dead is a natural outcome, but remember, no one forced you to go, it was your own decision.

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    • Dagmar they go firstly because our politicians send them – secondly because they sincerely believe they are ‘defending’ their country – thirdly because we general public don’t stop it! Their training indoctrinates them into killing before you are killed, in depersonalising or even demonising the ‘enemy’ … there are so many factors at play. Ultimately it’s up the voting public that need to speak up and stop the trauma – not heard of any politicians kids going to war, have you?


    • I used to have the same dream until I worked with Veterans … they are trained and indoctrinated by the most knowledgable … shame they don’t pool those same resources into their debriefing!?

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      • I know what you mean, after they’ve served they become disposable like garbage.
        However, no one put a gun to their head and forced them to go and shoot people. But that’s my personal opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs 🙂


  3. Too many relatives in too many wars. To young ones in the Army presently.
    I agree with your assessment. We can only hope that there is more assistance available for those
    who suffer now than there use to be.

    Thanks for stopping by my post on the prompt 🙂

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    • You said it!
      I’m sincerely hoping that now they recognise PTSD and can plug into both psychosocial and physical therapy much sooner that these defence personal might have a better outcome. Earlier help could mean a cure, as apposed to just a patch up job.

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