the pond

By a
Pond where ducks
and swans glide by,
Children run, feed and try
To row boats, splashing and yelling
Having really cool fun, am I selling?
Lotuses grow while trees circle the waters edge
Feathered friends serenade, crickets chirp, bees buzz, ants busy!
As nature abounds its beauty brings real joy to me!

Etheree, a new form of poetry for me, inspired by hook line and inkwell …
to read more about the park i live near, click here?



  1. Ah, such a gorgeous etheree…so happy you found this form on my blog and wow, what kind words…i am humbled…thank you for posting your beautiful piece that makes me long for spring 😀

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    1. Always enjoy a new discovery/challenge!
      I often forget not only are we blogging at different times of the day but our seasons are opposite … this was written after a bit of rain that greened things up and now the birds are more chirpy than ever with a bit of cloud cover and coolness. We seem to have the extremes here – drought and bushfires or floods.

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      1. Me too! It’s one of the things I love about blogging, those opposites as most of the people i converse with are either twelve hours ahead or four or five hours behind me.

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