We’ve burnt the bra
[I have the mastectomy scar!]
Got the vote
But can’t quite gloat!

Men still rule the world,
Have the top jobs and much more pay!
Make the laws and have the say
Which ones they choose to enforce.

We have to be twice as good of course
To work in their world for less pay
Having insignificant say
About violence, guns and wars.

We still give birth and do their chores
Our sons follow their father’s lead
We budget, cook, clean and feed

Oops, not me I’m freed!

Don’t believe me, check both these news articles for proof!



  1. Yes, I also feel the change must come from men themselves … just as it must for domestic violence. These inequalities and transgressions can only happen because men disrespect women, so women cant change that. The revolution must come from inside the ranks … And now we have a terrorist executing his mother … we need to be most careful what messages we are sending out.
    We are all human beings in the end no matter our gender, race or creed … love and peace to all!

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