Our childhood = the roots
Some strong and deep
Others shallow and wonky
They shape but don’t define us!

How we live our life = the trunk
Some straight and tall
Others gnarled and sprawling
The choices we make are reflected!

Our jobs and interests = the branches
Some strong ones work hard and honest
Others still growing take every shortcut
How we treat others is what matters most!

Our manner and emotions = the leaves
We are all different shapes and colours
Some quick to explode, plagued by extremes
Others more balanced, keen to help!

Some grow close with family and friends = forest
Others are more loners doing their own thing = stand alone’s
Some party hard, addictions and self-abuse = blown about by fast flowing water
One day we will be felled, leaving only timber/memories that we were here!

Will yours be sustainable for others to build on?
Flexible enough to weave into life’s tapestry?
Or so wispy and split it is a real struggle?
Or riddled with termite so no one would bother?

We all have a choice of the impact we make
Evaluate your values and goals
Strengthen your resilience
Focus on doing your best … then grow, shed seeds and be!