We don’t have to remake ourselves, do expensive courses or even change too much! What we need to do is focus more on our strengths so that our shortcomings fade away …

By dwelling on our shortcomings we give them energy, a bit like fertilising them, so why not reinvest that energy back into your positives, the direction you prefer?

Our full potential already lies within its not something to buy or learn, just discern! Let go of harmful circular thoughts, cut off hurtful emotions as they are destructive, make space to listen to the wise one within …

There is no secret recipe and we may slip up but by persistent reinvestment this  input nourishes our well-being and our own inner treasure blossoms.

It certainly makes life a sweet pleasure.



  1. I love this…and I love the term reinvest!!! That is the perfect word…all that you wrote is so very accurate and true. Letting go of those negative thoughts can be difficult and it takes practice, practice, practice to let positive dominate negative! Great post!!

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  2. Very nice and concise post. I so agree with it. We don’t need another degree or course to become more employable or certify to ourselves and others that we are intelligent, or do this or that to be more likeable or more accepted. We are enough. We know enough. Instead of scrambling on the outside for more, let’s pause and look inside and uncover all the riches that lie dormant within. Awakening and allowing all the beautiful things to come out and share them.
    best wishes,

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