Family Fallacy

Jason is writing about mothers
And we all like to think they are gentle and kind,
Protective carers, best friend, like-mind.
But professionally I’ve met others

Mothers who manipulate and lie
Who sell their child or put them in harms way
Who beat and abuse, with men they must lay
Who make them slaves or to beds do tie

This huge happy family fallacy
Is indeed true for some
But too many others suffer
In ways we would rather not know

Yet to others these mothers make a good show
Of being perfect whilst being unkind
Cover their deeds so others won’t find
Makes it real tough for kids to talk or go

Of this dark family fallacy be aware
For those who suffered show kind care
For court cases they seldom dare
Any justice is very rare

Seek professional help
Grow, be kind to yourself
Often they were abused themselves
It is no excuse but its hard to break habits

If you have the ideal mother you’re blessed
For this is truly the best
Know this fallacy and don’t shun
For those children had little fun!



  1. Alas, it’s too true of some of the people I know. I cannot understand how mothers could hurt their children, but they simply pass on their own hate and pain from their own hurt.
    Someone’s got to break that chain.
    Beautiful, but sad, sentiments in that poem. Good ending!

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  2. WOW, this sounds like you’ve peeked into my mind and family history. I have written often about the woman who birthed and raised me without any discernible pleasure or love. When friends have lost their wonderful moms, I’ve been unable to empathize–feel only envy. Fine writing, you do–lovely blog indeed.

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