Pleasure is a happy refrain
Its good friends, camping and fun
Its loud laughter as we get the pun
Its doing things that keep us sane

Pleasure is avoiding things that could drain
Its youngsters playing in the sun
Its joining a fund raising run
Its skipping about in the rain

Be gone anxiety and depression
Please let me make a new start?
Be gone all unhealthy obsession

Let joy and calm impart!
Let pleasure become my profession
Love and light please fill my heart

Pain or Pleasure?

Pleasure is the absence of pain
Its loved ones being devoid of all ills
Having sufficient wealth to pay the bills!
Its avoiding that which might send us insane

Pleasure arises as hardships wane
It’s a calmer life devoid of big spills
Having sufficient leisure and a few thrills
Its helping others without being vain.

Successes that lift our grey gloom.
Would you pass up a good time
Or prefer to wallow in your darkened room?

Please arise to this challenge to climb
Out of your sad sorry tomb
And write your own cheerful rhyme?

Poetry 10: pleasure, sonnet, apostrophe



    1. Thank you Jenny, I hadn’t written a sonnet before so I’ve totally enjoyed the new methods we’ve tried in this course. Some I got and others I think I missed completely.


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