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Change Room

Superman, History and Phone Calls!

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flyers with exact precision

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ease with solitude or company


set your focus for the day


grainy or smooth chatter

ooh, Shiny Escape!

sky is natures easel and our freedom

Down by the River

party time ..


breakfast mates

Word Challenge

try flexing your skills with this one

Prickly ..

check your reactions

in a Jiffy

how long is that?


travel and life need some basic planning


a surprise ...

Glare and Stare

beach fun in the '50's


risk taking ...

our earthly elements

a magnificent display ..


addressing imbalances ...

Carousel of Life

feeling dizzy, step off for a moment ..


a fun jaunt ..

A Small Kindness

Ann’s post about her daughter’s softball game is a huge lesson for us all … it’s a great story with an even better moral …

Muddling Through My Middle Age

ScanWatching my kids play team sports as they were growing up didn’t always bring out the best in me.  I liked watching them develop their athletic skills and learn the value of teamwork, and I enjoyed sitting on the sidelines during their games, chatting with the other parents.  But I also took it to heart when I thought a coach or umpire wasn’t being fair, and was just a little too quick to listen to the gossip and drama that are an inevitable part of youth sports.  Which explains, but doesn’t at all excuse, why I was so surprised one night when I was watching a softball game and saw a player on the opposing team performing a simple act of kindness for one of the players on my daughter’s team.

For years, I had heard that this particular team was the arch-rival of my daughter’s team, and that they…

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all that shimmers is not gold


gulls sunning themselves


even the vision tempts us to touch ..


can they make it work ..


what sings to your heart

Sky Textures

both photos were taken today

The Dressmaker

a movie review

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