Aroused by Arête, provoking poems and ideas


How would you celebrate Australia Day?

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The Greatest Asset in the World

Sincerity a poem of peace and harmony

Abundant Joy

Creative Question 26 - how can we increase our joy? Use your creativity to share with us please?


A poem about the King's life and strife!

River Ambience

Photo and poem to calm and charm!


A snapshot of handwritten letters, postcards and stamps - the old fashioned way of communicating!


An old but worthy poem, does it make sense to you?

Real Superpowers

Kindness and effective Communication are the superpowers we need for healthy and happy relationships!

Service Names

An honour roll for servicemen from a small rural pocket that shows how many brothers, fathers and sons served.

Surviving Conflict

Flash fiction of less than 400 words with a link to a similar poem

Human Resilience

Photo and poem about facing challenges!


A poem for now

A Taste on About

Please check out About for a broader taste of my posts?

A Peaceful Solution

My first real attempt at flash fiction - less than 400 words.

Open Path

One photo and poem to celebrate this season!

New Paths to Try ..

Three photos that represent new paths for 2017


Creative Question - What is your biggest addiction?


Photos and poem to provoke thought!

“Collect Moments Not Things”

This post really resonated with me, it's well worth reading! Things.. Things like teddy bears, roses, chocolates and pretty much every cute item will be advertised, and while it’s great that there are so many options to choose from to... Continue Reading →

Anticipated New Horizons!

Looking forward to what 2017 brings ...

Valuable Love

A Steinbeck quote with significant importance for us all!

Today’s Clouds

More amazing cloud formations!

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