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Food for Thought

yummy treats served with humour!

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Who Am I? CQ 4

a humorous investigation into who I might be ...

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Tea Spotting

tea pickers stir the beast ...

Traditional Australia

an insight into our culture and country ..


garden, coffee and waffles ..


for inner peace we need harmony within ..

Dormant Within

what talent lies within ..

Unusual Creations

beauty both man-made and natural


of magical opportunity await us

Lollipop People

who ensure children cross the road safely

unusual arts

unique creations that really impress

Disastrous Impunity

cop kills lady calling for help ...

Tilling the Soil

what seeds are you sewing ..

edible produce

healthy diet ensures more might


what is your favourite dish ..

My Stamp Collage

my attempt at art ..


pursue life with verve


our talents ..

Blogging Tips

to prevent you bumbling or stumbling ..

Collages of a Bygone Era

play, work and execution ..

Sea Collages

finds beside the seaside ..

Buried ..

or still alive ...

True Grit

to conquer your demons

Building Your Writer’s Brand

Just found this post thanks to Simon .. it has great information crucial to some of my readers who have or are about to publish … you can’t afford to miss it ..

E. Denise Billups, Writer

Indie authors are jack-of-all-trades. Not only are they writers, but also promoters and marketers of their finished product. This for most writers is difficult and for some an afterthought. Before you finish your book, you should have a well-defined marketing plan established and the first step is to create a mission statement.

In simple terms, a mission statement is short, concise sentence or paragraph describing your business and purpose (who you are, what you do, and your purpose or goals). This single statement is your marketing message, disseminating your brand, and the writer’s guide to reaching his/her ultimate goals.

Most people believe a mission statement is for major corporations or nonprofit organizations but for anyone building a brand whether you’re a painter, architect or writer, a mission statement is a crucial piece to crafting your image. For indie or traditionally published authors, a mission statement conveys your passion, your expertise, and…

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Caper About

lets age disgracefully with a bit more mischief

Faith Crisis

an observation .. what do you think?


by our own mental distortions ..

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